YOSUDA Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike for Arm Leg Exercise Desk Pedal Bike for Home Office Workout

YOSUDA Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser

Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike

for Arm Leg Exercise

Desk Pedal Bike for Home Office Workout

Great health for your family

Lose weight

Smooth Quie Pedding

Forward and revise motion

8 magnetic resistance

Easy to assemble

For whole family

Resistance mechanismMagnetic

Physical therapy

Relieving working stress

Losing Weight

Improving health

YOSUDA Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser Features:

GREAT GIFT FOR YOUR HEALTHY: YOSUDA desk pedal bike is designed to do arm exercise and leg exercise, improving blood circulation, activating muscles. For people who do not have a regular time to do exercise, pedal exerciser is a simple but effective way to keep fit while sitting.

Low impact

Smooth and quiet

No moving around

Pedal forward and backward

SMOOTH AND QUIET DESK CYCLE: YOSUDA under desk bike pedal exerciser has a high quality samarium cobalt magnet provides ample load for smoother, quieter pedaling. You can focus on your work ( reply emails, read books, watch TV, etc.) without bothering your coworkers/ family members.

Arm exercise

Leg exercise

Easy to carry and store

Do exercise anytime,anywhere

LOW IMPACT MINI EXERCISE BIKE: Stationary bike pedals for desk is low impact so it is great on joints. It is not only designed for office white-collar, but also for the elderly, sports injured people, rehabilitation to do physical therapy to relieves pain, restores and maintains motor function.

Easy-read display

Track your time distance / Speed / Calories

Four anti-slip pads

Keep machine steady and don’t wobble

Fixed nuts design

Double fixation to avoid pedal slip

(other manufacturers do not have this design)

8 ADJUSTABLE RESISTANCE: YOSUDA desk cycle bike pedal exerciser comes with 8 adjustable level of magnetic tension, you can adjust resistance based on your needs. 22 pounds weight, 4 anti- slip rubber pads, it is stable enough to keep in place even under the greatest resistance level.

8 Adjustable Magnetic Resistance

1-2 Warm up

3-4 Rehabilitation exercise

5-6 improve endurance

7-8 stabilizing muscle

EASY TO USE AND STORE: 21.26*12.28*14.37inche. Appropriate height for under desk pedder. The easy-read big monitor tracks the Time/ Distance/ Speed/ Calories. ALSO,mini cycle exercise bike comes with a portable handle that make it easy to carry and store, anytime, anywhere.

WHAT YOU GET: A new and easy way to keep fit in the comfort of your home or office. Professional customer service to solve your problems in a timely manner, 100% satisfaction.

YOSUDA Pedal Exersicer

The Benefits of YOSUDA Under Desk Bike

Keep Fit From YOSUDA

According to a scientific study,people who exercise before or during work are happier, suffer less stress, and are more productive.Therefore,the under desk bike was invented.In addition to helping seniors with reduced mobility improve their health and extend their lifespan, mini cycle allows people to exercise under their desks while working and learning.

Compared to other mini exercise bike,YOSUDA has the following advantages

  • Magnet-driven,no friction with flywheel.Incredibly quiet and smooth.
  • 8 Levels resistances to control the intensity of your workout.
  • Compact design for using under the desk and saving your space.
  • Allowing forward and reverse training.Can be used for legs and arms
  • Sturdy ABS frame with anti-slip pads to keep you safe.

Easy Assembly Within 10Mins

Quick and easy assembly within 10minutes.All tools are included. Take the stationary bike pedal out of the box -just a few screws and you’re done! Perfects for people who are not good at assembling huge fitness equipments.

Produces Sound Below 20DB

Magnetic mini cycle provides smooth, quiet pedal motion. Pedalling the bike produces sound below 20DB.No disturbing your colleague or interfering with baby sleeping or listening to music while exercising.

Ideal for Legs and Arms Workout

This portable exercise bike helps exercise your arms and legs in a forward or revise motion. It is excellent for increasing blood circulation,reducing joint pain, improving body muscular endurance,and losing weight.

Space Saving Under Desk Bike

Exercise bike pedal (L 21.26*W 12.29*H 10.95 inches) taking up very little of your space.Perfect for small apartments, dorm rooms, or the office.It can be easily taken to anywhere as offices, rehabilitation centers with a portable handle.

Multi-Function LCD Display

The easy-to-read LCD display on the mini pedal excerciser shows your time, speed, distance, and calories burned to keep you motivated as you cycling.Or choose the scan function to cycle through all workout variables.

8 Magnetic Resistance Levels

Use the tension knob to select resistance to adjust and control the intensity of your workout to fit your specific needs. Superb mini exercise bike fits for physical therapy,relaxation,body building,aerobic exercise,etc.

Sturdy Stability and No Sliding

Four non-slip rubber pads and two wider base tubes make this mini cycle anti-skid and accident-free. 22lbs in weight,ABS and steel frame ensure not wobbling back and forth.

Fixed Nut and Adjustable Strap

Our pedals are reinforced with extra screws to keep them from falling off.Wide adjustable straps fit feet of different sizes.

YOSUDA Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser Reviews Star Rating

Price: $129.99

YOSUDA Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser Reviews from customer

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